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Throw a Goodbye Summer Bash on a Budget!

Your friends and neighbors will beg to be on the guest list for your end-of-summer bash - - that won’t break the bank! Whether you are at the beach, a local pool or playing host in your own backyard, these simply super party ideas will make a splash with guests of all ages. 

Tips to Save Time & Money:

  • Plan your party mid-afternoon and no main course is required
  • Use summer and beach items you already have around the house like inflatable floats, goggles, pool noodles and more to add color
  • Shop at your local dollar store or bargain spot in your favorite retailer
  • Make semi-homemade treats that use everyday ingredients to save time

Food – Create a “beach bites” buffet filled with munchies for all ages

  • Swimming Pool Punch – Use a blue raspberry punch or sports drink with a splash of lemon lime soda for bubbles.  Add fun decorations like rubber ducks or mini inflatable floats.
  • Summer Ice Cream Sandwiches – Cut ice cream sandwiches in half and coat the sides with summertime sprinkles. Add a popsicle stick and make them portable.
  • Sand Bucket Snack Mix - Use inexpensive plastic beach buckets and shovels and create a snack mix bar for the kids.  You can use goldfish crackers, popcorn, candies and more.
  • Ice Cream Cookie Cones – Always a hit at summer parties, dip the tips of peanut butter cookies in white chocolate, add sprinkles and a cinnamon drop “cherry” on top.
  • Fun in the Sun Fruit Kabobs – Add some healthy options to your grab ‘n go display by layering fresh fruit on bamboo skewers and topping with festive flowers.

Festive Décor – A little money can go a long way with beach themed decorations

  • Hang a string of beach balls instead of lanterns – you can pick them up for under a buck each!
  • Beach towel bucket – Fill a bucket with inexpensive and colorful beach towels. Label with the name of each child party guest and they can take them home as favors.
  • Use swim & beach items you already have around the house – No need to spend a ton of money when you can use goggles, pool floats, kick boards and pool noodles.

Fun – Make a splash with the kids when you just add water and a little creativity! (demo)

  • Tube Toss with Super Sponge Soakers – Use a doughnut-shaped pool float and toss water balloons or Super Sponge Soakers (made from household sponges) into the center from increasingly farther distances.  
  • Gotcha Goldfish Game – A race against time to see who can transfer the most Goldfish crackers from one container to the next using only a straw.

Watch the Access Hollywood Live! segment to see everything in action!

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