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Too-Easy Teepees

These adorable teepee treats will be a festive addition to your table. And something to really be thankful for, they only take 4 ingredients.

What You'll Need:

  • Sugar cones
  • Chocolate frosting (room temperature)
  • Fall sprinkles
  • Pretzel sticks



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Simple Instructions:

Flip the cone upside down and carefully cut off the tip of the cone. Using a small spoon or knife place a dab of the chocolate frosting to the inside of the cone towards the tip that was just removed. This will help secure the pretzels.

Spread the chocolate frosting around the outside of the top of the sugar cone. Add the fall sprinkles to the chocolate frosting. 

Break a couple of the pretzel sticks in half. Insert the halves through the top of the cone. Place the finished teepees in the fridge for a few mins to set the chocolate frosting.

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