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Annie Will Make Your Heart Sing!

Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up. When life is full of hard knocks…a reminder that there is always…tomorrow.

With the holiday season upon us, Annie – The Movie, is a joyous experience for fans young, old, and everywhere in between.  This Broadway classic is told with a new, modern point of view starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and the adorably talented Quvenzhané Wallis as Annie.

From the very first scene of the movie, the music and energy is infectious. Foster child, Annie’s, positive attitude and hopeful outlook on life makes you realize you can take on anything if you set your mind to it and do it with a smile.

I had the pleasure of taking my daughter, son, and husband with me to the pre-screening of the movie and it was a “thumbs up” all around. It was fascinating for me to hear their unique perspectives and feedback.

My 9 year old son was laughing in his seat at the many comedic moments throughout the movie. It is such a wonderful gift to hear and see the joy in your children.

My husband, whom I thought might be the naysayer in the group, was hooked by the high-tech world of Mr. Stacks (Jamie Foxx) and the awesome views of the New York City skyline. And…don’t tell him I said this…I even caught him tapping his foot to the beat of the songs. Yes, they are extremely catchy!

Morgan, my daughter, was entranced from beginning to end. I glanced over at her many times throughout the movie and could tell that she was truly feeling everything the characters were going through…sadness, excitement, joy, wonder, fear, and ultimately happiness. Morgan is the song bird in my family and she has not been able to stop singing the songs from the movie since!

As a mom, I found myself smiling for many reasons as I walked out of the theater. First, I was thrilled to find a movie that appealed to my entire family in such a wholesome and entertaining way. Opportunities to spend time together as a family are so rare in this busy world. Secondly, the message of resilience and hope when facing incredible odds is one that resonates strongly with me and I feel is important for children to experience. Third, the music. Growing up with Annie in my childhood, I loved the songs and the music. The new Annie, embraces the classic songs like Tomorrow and It’s a Hard Knock Life, and also introduces new original songs that are sure to become instant hits.

If you have kids…okay, if you are human….do yourself a favor and take your loved ones to go see Annie – The Movie! 

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