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Healthy Habits and Hacks for Families in the New Year

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We all want health and happiness for our families, and with a few new habits and some helpful hacks, we can make that resolution a reality this year.

1) Eat out less often - This is a tough one for moms frantically driving from school to music lessons to sports. Try reducing take-out meals by one or two nights per week to start. Create a weeknight meal plan and grocery list over the weekend so your menu will be ready to go.

2) Keep healthy, ready-made meals on hand As part of your grocery list, try including Sweet Earth Natural Foods. Sweet Earth products are made from functional foods that are plant based and nutrient dense. They are better for your body and better for the earth. For breakfast, enjoy a protein packed breakfast burrito that heats in minutes with scrambled eggs, quinoa, kale, cheddar cheese, Benevolent Bacon and Savory Grounds. They are loaded with 20 grams of protein, 5 g of fiber and high in B1, B2. For lunch, Sweet Earth offers 12 varieties of single serve entrée bowls which are perfect for the work week. They feature a colorful variety of meals such as the Black Bean and Mango Cubano, Enchilada Suiza and General Tso’s Tofu. Choose from vegan or vegetarian varieties, all handcrafted in California. Sweet Earth meals can be found in the freezer section at Target, Walmart and Safeway or visit for store locations.

3) Have healthy snack bins in the fridge - Over the weekend, fill clear plastic containers with healthy grab 'n go snacks and lunch items like yogurt, cheese sticks, fresh fruits and veggies. The kids will know exactly where their snacks are and won't be tempted to grab unhealthy choices.

4) Moderation not deprivation - One of the challenges when changing our eating habits is completely depriving ourselves of foods we enjoy. Make conscious decisions when you eat, but also allow yourself small amounts of things you enjoy to avoid binging and making bad choices.

5) Make exercise a family affair - Make working out a family affair by incorporating your kids! Parents lead by example and kids will model their behavior. Getting active and having fun with your children is a great alternative to traditional workouts. Also, if you are just starting an exercise routine, don’t try going from 0-100 in one day! Assess your current fitness level and add to it moderately. 

6) Reduce technology time - For moms, it's a daily ritual telling our kids it's time to shut down their technology. However, we frequently forget to monitor ourselves. Try creating a no-technology time between 6-8 PM and watch how quickly you re-connect with one another.

7) Conquer bad habits one at a time - Most of us have multiple bad habits so try focusing on just one at a time. If your goal is to reduce your morning coffee intake from 3 cups to 1, still allow yourself an evening glass of wine. If you try to go “cold turkey” on everything at once, you’ll not only fail, but you will also be a very cranky mom!


This post was sponsored by Sweet Earth Natural Foods. All opinions are those of

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