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How I Give My Young Daughter the Privacy She Needs

I was thrilled when Mattel® asked us to try out their new Password Journal and it inspired my recent blog post for SheKnows...

My daughter, Morgan, is an avid writer. For as long as I can remember, she has had a gift with pen and paper.

Many days I have found her curled up in her bed, jotting down her deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams in a notebook or on a pad of paper. Soon after, I typically hear a scream, followed by, "Mom, please get my brother out of my room! He's trying to read my journal!" Those of us with both boys and girls know that this sibling battle is often a daily occurrence. Truthfully, I think it's part of a little brother's job to bug the heck out of his older sister.

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Disclosure: sent us a complimentary Password Journal to review and is compensating for this post. All opinions are strictly our own.

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