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The New Contour from Cox Was Made For My Family

I'm sure of it...the new Cox Contour was definitely made with my family's needs in mind.

We are TV fans in our house. That said, our crazy schedules keep us racing from school to work to soccer practice and beyond. We hardly have a minute to sit down, let alone watch our favorite shows when they actually air. When I heard that the New Contour from Cox has up to 1,000 hours of DVR storage and allows up to 6 recordings at the same time, I knew we had hit the jackpot.

As with most families, we never want to watch the same shows at the same time (ever!). Knowing we can playback our shows in different rooms is huge. Since the kids don’t have TVs in their bedrooms, they can even watch their favorite shows on their iPads, tablets or phones with the Contour app. With my permission of course!

And speaking of permission, my tween and teen are at the ages where they often think anything goes and everything is appropriate. The Kids Zone feature allows me to block programming I feel is not suitable and even assign a password. Sound complicated? Not at all. Contour’s Smart Search features an innovative on-screen guide with rich graphics, show and movie posters, and detailed information on more than 35,000 On Demand titles.

For my husband, you guessed it…it’s all about the sports! No more frantically trying to locate the “big game” on the guide as we dash out the door. The feature rich guide not only makes it easy to find what you are looking for, but also identifies other programs you may be interested in recording. You can even stay up-to-date with real time sports stats while the games are in progress. Fist pump!

What is my favorite feature you may ask? That’s easy…it’s the voice control on the Contour remote. Now I don’t have to navigate arrows to locate my favorite programs. I can just talk in my normal voice…GENIUS!

Now if only everyone in my family listened to me like my New Contour…we’d really be in business!


Disclosure: Super Moms 360 was compensated for attending the Cox Communications media event and writing this post. All opinions are those of Super Moms 360.

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