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Vans - When Function Meets Fashion

I know that I’m just a tiny bit biased, but my 9 year old son, Dylan, is a pretty cool kid. He’s got the “signature” hairstyle that the other boys like to emulate (super spiky up front), a little swagger in his walk and a strong opinion about style. Gone are the days of laying out his clothes, as he inevitably wears what he wants anyway – shorts and a hip t-shirt.

A few weeks back I noticed that his shoes were getting too small (what a shock for a 9 year old boy!) and mentioned that we should go shopping to get a few new pairs. His response? “Yeah, Mom…we need to go shopping for some Vans.”  Not just shoes apparently, but specifically Vans.

While we were at the store, I tried to convince him to try on a few different brands and styles but he insisted that the Vans were “much cooler and much more comfortable” than the others. Not that I’m a fashionista, but Vans do have a great retro and classic look that add a hip, skater flair to any outfit.  Of course, the fact that I’m a Gen Xer who grew up with Vans certainly doesn’t hurt either. Our mother-son shopping spree ended with the purchase of two pairs -  high tops and a pair of classic Vans (along with a few Vans T-shirts that were on sale, too!) and Dylan was happier than a kid in a candy store.

As a mom, being practical is part of my job.  But when function meets fashion at an affordable price, I am a fan. 

Thank you to Vans for sending a great pair of new high tops to Dylan as well. Can’t believe we are already growing into the next size!

Post sponsored by Vans but testimonial is authentic to

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