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7 Tips & Tricks to Simplify Your Back-to-School Routine

Back-to-School can be an overwhelming time for moms and kids alike.  With a few simple adjustments, moms can make their weekday routine stress-free...well, almost!  We have seven sanity saving secrets to help contain the craziness and help get the kids out the door on time.

1. Hanging shelves in the kids' closets - On Sunday afternoon, put an outfit in each hanging shelf for the next five school days.  Older kids can help pick out their clothes or do it themselves.  No morning wardrobe drama!

2. Keep healthy snack bins in the fridge - Over the weekend, fill clear plastic containers with healthy grab 'n go snacks and lunch items like yogurt, cheese sticks, fresh fruits and veggies.  The kids will know exactly where their snacks are and won't be as tempted to grab the grab the sugary stuff.

3. Organize school papers - Use stacking office organizers and label with the three "R's": Return to School, Reference, and Recycle.  This will help cut out the morning panic when you can't find that signed permission slip that needs to go back today!

4. Family calendar - Keep a color-coded calendar complete with each family member's activities.  This will help keep you on track for the week and identify where you have conflicts.

5. Find your "mom motivators" - "I'm tired!" is a mom's most used phrase.  Plan things that will help you take on the day such as auto brewing your coffee so it's ready when you wake up, a morning workout or walk, or taking a few minutes to sit down and read the morning paper (or news website) while it's still quiet.

6. Beauty shortcuts - Simplify your morning routine with a few go-to beauty items in your arsenal like tinted moisturizer, root concealer spray, bronzer, or cute hair accessories that can be worn with a quick ponytail.

7. Color code your closet - This might take a little time and effort initially, but it's worth it!  Get in and out of your closet in a snap by organizing items by color and type of clothing so you can mix-and-match and find what you need quickly.

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