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Creative Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

Counting & Sorting

This is a great educational exercise for younger kids. Have your child sort their loot into piles of similar items, count each quantity and then document them.  

For older kids, integrate some learning through technology. Have them create a graph or pie chart on the computer - a clever way to make sure that Dad isn’t stealing their sweets!

Candy Science Experiments 

Use your leftover candy in some brain-building science experiments that you and the kids can do at home. Which candy bars float vs. sink in water? Can you separate the “m’s” from your M&M’s?


With the holidays just around the corner, use your extra candy to make gourmet baked goodies. Cut up Snickers, Reese’s or other chocolate bars and use in cookies and brownies, or substitute M&M’s for chocolate chips.

Simply buy a package of cookie mix or pre-made cookie dough. Stuff in a mini candy bar of your choice and make sure it is completely surrounded by the dough and bake according to the directions on the packaging. You can also bake the cookies first and then immediately place a piece of candy on top of your freshly baked treats.  

You can use hard candies to make stained glass cutout cookies. Click here for instructions.

Create a Candy Gram

This is a fun and creative task that will keep the kids busy when they are bored. Have them form sentences using the words on the candy or write candy gram cards to loved ones by inserting the candy in creative spots.

Donate to Charities 

Many schools, organizations and the military offer programs that collect candy and re-distribute it to those in need. Request that your kids select a certain number of their candies to give to others.  It will reduce waste as well. 

You can also click here to learn more about how you can donate your candy to benefit Operation Gratitude, which sends out packages to our troops.

Trade-In Programs

Ask your dentist if they have a candy trade-in program. Many local dentists will offer prizes and incentives for kids who bring their candy to their office. A winning proposition for the kids and their teeth!

You can also create your own "trade-in" by offering up a small prize if your child gives you a designated number of candies.

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