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Food Network Interview: Daphne Dishes

With the new season of Daphne Dishes now on Food Network, had the opportunity to interview Daphne Brogdon about being a mom, blogger, and her show. Daphne Dishes airs Sundays at 12:00 pm ET/PT on Food Network.

About Daphne

Daphne began her career as a radio producer and on-air personality and eventually moved on to live improv comedy and has hosted several television shows. She met her chef husband in her 30s and once she had kids, Daphne wanted to find a way to continue entertaining people, but still be able to stay home with her children. She developed her blogs, and, where she shares posts and videos with topics to benefit moms. Three years ago Food Network called and said they wanted to develop a show with her that highlighted her roles as a mom and comedian. They recently filmed a pilot and 6 episodes that are now airing on Food Network.

Does it take a thick skin to work in this business?

Daphne was quick to say that there are always going to be people don't like you and she tries not to take it personally or get caught up in it. But she is also not in the business of offending people just to offend them. Daphne thinks it is important to have an opinion and speak your mind, but to also be patient with people and listen to them.

How do you develop your recipes?

Most of Daphne's recipes are ideas that she has in her head and will start playing around with them. She likes to bounce ideas off her husband and he is more than happy to help! But she's not afraid to tell him to back off if he's getting a little too complex...she says she likes to keep everything fairly simple because she is a mom cooking for her kids.

Your show is filmed in your home & with your kids. How do you feel about that?

Daphne actually requested that the show be filmed in her home kitchen, after all, she started her blogs because she wanted to be home with her kids! Daphne says she's not a very private person, so she doesn't mind having a crew in her home. But now that her kids are a little older, she does try to be conscious of their privacy and create boundaries for them.

Is it difficult to have your own cooking show when your husband is a professional chef?

Luckily, Daphne has a "sweet, wonderful husband who gets it." They give each other feedback and she has learned a lot from watching him cook. She says she's a very secure person and is enjoying being busy and having her own show.

How do you deal with picky eaters?

Daphne thinks it's ok to bend on some things. She jokes that kids can be like "little OCD patients" and it's perfectly acceptable to make sure their food isn't touching...especially if that's the only way they will eat it! She does say that now that her kids are older, she has let them know that she's not a "short-order cook" and does not prepare separate meals. One piece of advice she had was to separate food for the kids before you add something that might be too spicy for them. For example, Daphne made horseradish mashed potatoes on her most recent episode of Daphne Dishes and she put some potatoes to the side for her kids before she added the horseradish since it's still a little too spicy for them.

Check out some of our favorite recipes from Daphne Dishes:

Pecan-Stuffed Chicken Breast
Crispy Garbanzo Beans
Dark Chocolate Sauce with Fresh Berries

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