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Food Network Interview - New Season of Farmhouse Rules

With the new season of Farmhouse Rules premiering on April 19 at 10:30am ET/PT on Food Network, had the opportunity to talk with the show’s star, Nancy Fuller about her downhome, wholesome cooking style.

About Nancy: Nancy Fuller lives in an authentic 17th-century farmhouse on beautiful, rolling land in New York's Hudson Valley region. Being on a farm, Nancy's food and recipes represent her surroundings and her philosophy of feeding others with delicious, simple meals from the heart. Nancy is a warm, loving mother of six and grandmother to 13, she owns and operates her Ginsberg's Foods business with her husband David.

Eating Locally

Because Nancy grew up on a farm, she is a huge proponent of eating fresh.  It’s hard to know if what you’re buying at the grocery store is truly organic, so she suggests eating locally sourced foods.  Head to your local farmer’s market for awesome fruits and veggies!  Nancy also encourages people to find out and understand where their food is coming from.  “Go to a potato farm with your kids and dig up a potato. It’s like an Easter egg hunt, you’ll love it!” she says.

Nancy’s Cooking Style

Nancy was quick to say that she is not a “precision cook.”  She’s not the type to use a recipe, “Rules are made to be broken!” she says.  Nancy says that cooking isn’t something people should be scared of.  Just get in the kitchen and cook, experiment and see how things turn out.  Have fun and learn along the way.

Cooking for Young Kids & Picky Eaters

Nancy’s go-to dish is her homemade mac n’ cheese, which she informed us will be coming up on this season of Farmhouse Rules.  We can’t wait!  She also suggests homemade chicken fingers (grilled, not fried) and eggs & dipping toast.  But she definitely advocates introducing kids to different types of foods early on.  If they grow up eating vegetables and a variety of foods, they will carry that into their adult lives.

Family Meal Time

We all know how hard it can be to sit down together as a family with everyone’s crazy schedules, but Nancy is a big believer in family meal time.  She says she always insisted that her family sit down at the dinner table together every night – no exceptions.  And phones and other tech devices are a no-no, “Sit down and speak to each other.  Talk about your day!”

Check out some of our favorite recipes from Farmhouse Rules:

Roasted Russet Potatoes with Balsamic Vinegar & Rosemary

Two Meat Chili

Berry Fruit Cobbler with Fresh Whipped Cream

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