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From Frazzled to Focused - Get Organized for Back-To-School

It’s time to get organized for back-to-school! Moms have a lot of anxiety about preparing for their new routine and we have some simple tips to help you go from frazzled to focused!

1) Back-to-School Clothes Shopping

Shopping list & inventory

  • Create a check list for each child with the required amounts of each type of clothing. View sample list here.
  • Do an inventory of their closet to assess how many of each item you have – write it on your check list. Clean out everything that doesn’t fit and donate to charity.
  • Take your lists with you when you go back to school shopping - don’t by unnecessary items!

Prep clothes every Sunday

  • Use hanging shelves in each child’s closet: include all 5 outfits for the week to avoid morning stress.

2) Grocery Shopping & Weekday Meal Planning

  • Create a master shopping list on your computer. Include all of your weekly staples and potential main course options and ingredients. Print the list each week and circle the items you need.
  • If possible, allocate at least 2 hours so you can shop, put away the groceries and cut up your fruits and vegetables for the week.  It will make your meal preparation much easier during the week.

3) Family Calendar

  • Create a family calendar on your computer or have a printed version that the whole family can view. Identify fixed items such as school, work, sports and activities. Don’t over schedule! Allow for the gaps which are downtime in your family’s schedule.
  • Creating a weekday routine also helps to avoid anxiety by planning set times for homework, dinner, showers and bedtime.

4) De-clutter by organizing school papers
The volume of paper that comes home from school is overwhelming. Keep it under control with a few simple bins with the following labels:

  • Reference materials – phone lists, school policies,etc.
  • Action papers – needing signatures, field trip forms etc.
  • Homework bins – one for each child’s homework for the week
  • Special box – only the most special documents, artwork and report cards
  • Everything else gets recycled!



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