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Get Out of Your February Funk

Here we are in February…It’s cold (at least in most parts of the country!) and our commitment to our New Year’s resolutions have long since faded. So, how do you get out of your February funk? Try a few tips from founder, Deborah Stallings Stumm.

  • Get (re)organized – It may not yet be time for spring cleaning, but organizing your calendar, closets, and clutter can help you go from frazzled to focused!

  • Renew your commitment to fitness – You may have been hitting the gym like a champ in January, but dark mornings & chilly evenings have diminished your enthusiasm. Decide what time of day works for you and set your mind to fitting in exercise at least 3 times a week. You’ll feel much better about yourself…I promise.

  • Moderation mama – If going “cold turkey” on chocolate or your nightly glass of wine was just too much, try a more moderate approach. Eat right as often as you can and allow yourself treats from time to time so you don’t feel completely deprived.

  • Take on a new challenge – Have you been dying to take a cooking class? Run a 5K, 10K, or half marathon? February is a great time to focus on you! Set a realistic goal and commit to achieving it.

  • Focus on family – By now school, sports, and other activities are in full swing, which may have the entire family feeling flustered. Make it a point to schedule family time in your calendar. Make it a non-cancelable appointment and plan something that everyone will enjoy such as a rainy day movie, family game night, or a pick-up flag football game in the park.

  • Time to be an adult – As moms, we spend the majority of our time coordinating our children’s calendars, but it’s essential to have “no kid zones” as well. Plan a happy hour with a good girlfriend or a date night with a spouse or significant other. We were all individuals before we were parents and it’s important to not lose our sense of self.

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