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Increase Your Productivity and Make Family a Priority

Increase your productivity and efficiency while making family your priority. With a little planning and some discipline you can check everything off your “to-do” list and still increase the quality time with your family.

To achieve your balance of work and family, focus on these three main areas: separating, organizing & communicating.


  • Define clear times for work & family – don’t try to do both at the same time or you won’t do either one well
  • Turn off technology during specific times of day  - designate family time (i.e. 6-8PM)
  • Make time for your own well being (i.e. exercise, hobbies, etc.) - it will make you happier and more productive in other parts of your life


  • Create lists and prioritize –grocery shopping lists on the computer so you are not repeating every week; “to-do” lists that show items that need to get done to keep you on track
  • Have a weekday routine  - so everyone knows what to expect and stays on track (i.e. schedule time for homework, sports)
  • De-clutter  - organize kids’ paperwork/homework from school & create your own filing system to stay on track
  • Organize the kids’ closets and your own -  makes the morning routine much easier


  • Create a family calendar  - you can do this on your computer or have a manual version in the kitchen to track activities & commitments so all family members are aware of schedules
  • Make time for family dinner  - do this at least 2-3 times a week; a great way to find out what is coming up and identify any concerns or conflicts

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