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Money-Saving Maternity Style

by Jordan Reid, Ramshackle Glam

Q. What basics were a staple of your wardrobe? What are key pieces to splurge on?

First, let me say, pregnancy is an enormously individual experience and there is no one way to “do” pregnancy (style or otherwise) “right”; this is just what worked for me and helped me to save money while having fun with my changing shape.

When I found out I was pregnant, I have to tell you: I was a little nervous about the expense associated with buying lots of new pieces that I’d never wear again. But while I certainly picked up a few fun items here and there, I can’t tell you how much money I saved by being creative with accessories and layering.

Splurge: The truth is that I didn’t splurge on any major items while pregnant, simply because my style tends towards being flowy anyway, so I already had a lot of pieces that I could just re-imagine a bit to work into a maternity wardrobe. That said, I can imagine that if I had been pregnant in the wintertime I probably would have picked up a 60′s-style swing coat (which could be worn post-pregnancy as well), a great pair of maternity jeans, and a pair of black maternity pants.

Steal: One of the most fun parts of the past few months was experimenting with different looks than I would ordinarily wear, so I’d definitely encourage you to indulge yourself a little by picking up things like inexpensive dresses and tunics. You’ll definitely have to buy a couple of new bras, and if you want to keep wearing your non-pregnancy pants for a while, a maternity belt is a must.

Shop Your Closet: I saved buckets of money by working in as much of my non-pregnancy wardrobe as possible. Sift through your closet for longer tops and tunics, tanks to layer under them if they’re too short/sheer, any and all pants with elastic waists, and every accessory you can find (hats, scarves, jewelry). And be creative, bringing back into rotation older pieces that you may not tend to wear in your “regular” life but that are fun to try out on your new shape (for example, you may usually feel uncomfortable in body-conscious tank dresses, but find that you enjoy wearing them when pregnant to show off your curves).

Of course, what you’ll end up wearing will have a ton to do with your personal style, your body type, your job and the season (I personally found a summertime pregnancy wardrobe to be way easier and less expensive than I imagine a wintertime one would be, since I didn’t have to purchase bigger-ticket items like holiday cocktail dresses or coats…and because those light summer dresses are so comfortable and cheap), but there were definitely some pieces that I kept in constant rotation right through to the very end.

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Jordan Reid is the founding editor of and the author of Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom's Haphazard Guide To (Almost) Having It All. Check out the YouTube trailer for the book!

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