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Realistic Resolutions for the New Year

The kids are back in school and it’s time for moms to take a breath and figure out their goals for the new year. Many of us try to accomplish too much and set ourselves up for failure.  Not to worry, we have some realistic resolutions that will set us up for success!

Exercise More
Don’t try going from 0-100 in one day! Assess your current fitness level and add to it moderately.  For example, if you walk 3 days per week, try increasing to 4-5 days or increase your intensity by walking/jogging. Find the time of day that works best for you and stick to it.

Eat Out & Get Take-Out Less Often
This is a rough one for moms who are frantically driving from school to music lessons to sports. Try reducing your take-out meals by one night a week to start. Creating a weeknight meal plan and corresponding grocery list over the weekend will help you have your easy menu ready to go.

Eat Healthier
As moms we set the tone in our household for the types of foods that are eaten. The best way to not eat junk is to not have it in the house. When you do the grocery shopping, only buy items that you are comfortable with the entire family eating.

Save More Money
Decide what kind of goal you have in mind. If you want to increase your savings as a safety net, determine the annual savings amount, divide by your number of paychecks and have that amount automatically deposited into your savings account. If you are planning for a vacation or larger expense, figure out the cost and do a similar automatic deposit plan.

Reducing Technology Time
For moms it's a daily ritual with our kids telling them that it's time to shut down the technology. However, we frequently forget to monitor ourselves.  Try creating a no-technology time between 6-8 PM so you can focus on your family.

Get Rid of Bad Habits
Most of us have multiple bad habits, so try focusing on just one at a time.  If your goal is to reduce your morning coffee intake from 3 cups to 1, go ahead and allow yourself that evening glass of wine. If you try to go “cold turkey” on everything at once, you’ll not only fail, but you’ll also be a very cranky mom!

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