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School is Coming! Easy Ideas for Parents to get Prepared

1. Clean out your kids’ closets - Get get rid of clothing and shoes that no longer fit, take an inventory of what they still have and make a list of what they need. Make note of their current clothing and shoe sizes and take the list with you to the store.

2. Hang hooks & shelves for easy school and after-school activities organization - Put them in an area that is convenient for your family and make it the designated areas for the kids’ belongings. It will prevent panic as you head out the door to school or soccer practice!

3. Organize kitchen cabinets & the refrigerator - Designate areas for lunch and snack supplies. Get rid of unused or expired items to make more room.

4. Create a family calendar – Designate a color for each member of the family and identify school, work, after-school activities and family time.

5. Find a carpool buddy (or two!) – Sharing driving responsibilities for school drop-off and pick-up as well as after-school activities will save time and sanity.

6. Finalize after-school care – Make sure that arrangements are made for after-school care and extracurricular activities that will work well with your family’s schedule.

7. Start teaching your kids chores and routines – Specifically for things they might need a little extra help learning, i.e. packing lunches, setting out clothes.

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