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Simplify the Season

The holidays are upon us and it’s easy to get stressed out and overscheduled. Follow our tips and tricks to simplify the season. 

Start by getting organized

We all have a million “to-do’s” running through our heads, so get them out and put them on paper. By creating a checklist that includes timelines and action items, you can get organized and manage your time. 

Shop small for your holiday gifts

Avoid the big crowds at large department stores and big box retailers. Support your local businesses, whether online or in person, and help grow our neighborhood economies. 

Enlist the help of your guests

If you are hosting Thanksgiving or other holiday meals at your house, don’t hesitate to ask your guests to bring an item to share.  It’s not necessary to do it all yourself! 

Don’t be afraid to use semi-homemade 

This is our ultimate Super Moms 360 philosophy.  If you are not a great cook, try one of the ready-made holiday dinners you can order from your local grocery store deli. For sweets & treats, we’ve got cute and easy recipes on our website that you can make in a snap.

Kids’ classroom parties

Avoid making the kids’ school parties “over the top.” Keep them simple. Don’t add to the stress and chaos that already surrounds the holidays. Let the kids relax and enjoy their time in a more subdued manner, such as watching a holiday movie or having a pot-luck cultural feast where each family contributes a dish. 

Slow down

Live in the moment and enjoy the precious time you spend with family and friends. Go on Christmas light walks, bake cookies together, volunteer as a family or just curl up and watch a holiday movie. Try not to get overscheduled. 

Simple shortcuts for your holiday attire

Use what you already have in your closet and mix and match accessories.  Add sparkle to a simple black or red dress with rhinestone jewelry and fun hair accessories.  Or you can pair black slacks with a sequined top and a unique scarf.  Have fun and be creative.

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