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Simply Super Household Shortcuts for Moms

Moms are pulled in many directions. When we can find simple, inexpensive solutions to everyday household challenges, the secrets should be shared! 

1) Clean and Under Control - Never able to find your cleaning supplies or are they all stored hodge-podge under your sink? Use a clear, hanging shoe rack in your cleaning closet to organize your supplies.

2) Under Wraps - Is your gift wrap box always a disaster? This one simple trick can keep those rolls of wrapping paper in line. Use a toilet paper roll that you cut lengthwise and place around the center of the roll.

3) Use Your Noodle - If you have little ones who are learning to use a “big-kid” bed, this one is a must to ensure they don’t roll out of bed! Take a swim noodle that you can get for a few dollars at the store and place it lengthwise on the edge of the bed under the fitted sheet.

4) Undercover Summer - During the summer we find ourselves at the pool or at the beach on a regular basis. It’s always a challenge to “hide” your valuables while you are taking a dip. Try using an empty sunscreen container to hold your keys and license.

5) Color is Key - House keys, office keys, and keys to things you don’t even remember! Color code your keys by using nail polish that you already have at home. Not only will you know which key is which, but you’ll add a little “bling” to your key ring.

6) Save the Nails - At the risk of sounding a little vain, we women hate to break our nails. One task that is a sure fire way to destroy your new manicure is to try to take keys on or off your key ring. Using a staple remover, you can accomplish the task without even a chip.

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