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Skin Cancer: Surprising Facts, Prevention & Treatment

May is skin cancer awareness month and Dr. Jeff Birchall M.D., Founder and Medical Director of Dermacare San Diego is sharing surprising facts, prevention tactics and treatment options to help you stay safe in the sun.


  • Most common cancer in the U.S. - 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer in their lifetime.
  • More than 1 million people are diagnosed annually.
  • One person dies of melanoma every hour.
  • It’s the leading cause of cancer death in young women.
  • A person’s risk for melanoma doubles if he/she has had more than five sunburns at any age.
  • The areas that are most at risk for skin cancer are the regularly exposed parts of your body such as the face, hands, nose and ears. In San Diego we wear shorts & tank tops a lot so have even more exposure.


  • Wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 15 decreases your risk for skin cancer and slows the aging process by at least 24%.
  • Reapplication is key - Wear daily sunscreen all year, even when it is cloudy, and reapply every two hours.
  • Although at a greater risk, fair skinned people are not the only ones at risk. People of various ethnic backgrounds can also be affected by skin cancer and sun damage. Everyone should wear sunscreen daily.
  • Melanoma survival rates increase when detected early. Annual skin checks are advised to assess early signs of skin cancer, so treatment pan can be determined.


  • At a complimentary consultation at Dermacare, we have technology to view your current sun damage, make sunscreen recommendations appropriate for your skin type and lifestyle, and create a treatment plan to reverse any existing sun damage.
  • Focus on prevention. Dermacare has a powdered sunscreen, Colorescience’s Sunforgettable with SPF 50, that is easy to reapply without the mess and fragrance of other sunscreens.

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