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Super Fun Family Fitness Workout Ideas

Make working out fun by incorporating your kids! These activities are to inspire you as you lead your children to the outdoors. Working out does not have to be at 4 a.m. at the gym, or after work when you still may be missing your family! Bring joy to fitness, and use it as a tool to teach your kids that being active is a lifestyle ... and you can have a blast to!

Some ideas include:


  • Make a fun obstacle course for the kids using anything you have!
  • Use a speed latter or imagine one: Hop scotch down between the squares, bunny hop, side jump or side step to mix it up!
  • Have a kids tunnel? Use that in your course!
  • Hula Hoops? Have the kids do 10 consecutive hula circles on their hips, followed by 10 on each arm or leg before they complete their obstacle to add some learning into your workout!


  • Spice Up your Abs: Sit on the floor facing each other, touching your feet together. Grab a basketball or medicine ball and play catch with sit-ups!
  • Patty-Cake Push-ups: Face each other on the floor in a push-up position arms distance apart, knees to modify for kids.  Push-up at the same time and both reach with your right arms to clap as you come up, lower back down to the floor and press up alternating the clap to the left side. Make this one a contest for more repetitions!
  • Play Catch: Use the basketball or medicine ball to play catch. Stand about 5 feet apart facing each other with the ball. Squat at the same time and toss the ball in a rainbow towards your partner’s chest back and forth. For a competition with others: take a step further apart with each catch!





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