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Super Moms Skincare Issues Answered!

As moms, we put our skin through a lot and start to notice not-so-flattering changes to our skin. No need to worry! has partnered with Dermacare San Diego to answer your biggest skincare concerns.

Issue: Dark Circles Under the Eyes
The reason why people get dark circles under their eyes is because of skin thinning and volume loss in the tear trough area.

  • At-Home Remedy: The "quick fix" is concealer, or skin lightening cream such as hydroquinone and retinol and hydrating serums.
  • In-Office Treatment: The in-office procedure to help this issue is a filler (Juvederm, Restalyne) to help reduce the shadow that creates the dark circle.

Issue: Crow's Feet & Fine Lines
Crow's feet happen over time due to loss of collagen, muscle movement, environment/sun exposure and genetics.

  • At-Home Remedy: Use retinol, vitamin C and sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every day. Hydrate.
  • In-Office Treatment: Best procedures for smoothing out these fine lines and also preventing lines from getting deeper is Botox or Fraxel for rebuilding collagen.

Issue: Brown Spots & Sun Damage
Being in the sun will cause sun damage. Other brown spots can occur from hormones or scarring.

  • In-Home Remedy: Using hydroquinone, a skin lightener can help suppress melanin (which creates the brown spots) and can lighten the skin. Makeup can help to conceal brown spots and sun protection will help to prevent them from occurring.
  • In-Office Treatment: Lasers such as the IPL or Fraxel can help reduce brown spots after a few treatments. Also chemical peels help to remove the spots on the superficial layer of the skin.

Issue: Adult Acne
Adult acne happens due to heredity or sometimes hormones (if you're female) and stress. Blackheads are the result of oil and dead cells getting trapped in a pore where they block the duct and mix with bacteria. They then turn black when exposed to air. Red pimples develop when blackheads become inflamed.

  • At-Home Remedy: There are no quick fixes for acne, unfortunately. It takes a lot of patience and dedication.
  • In-Office Treatments: Treatments such as facials, deep pore treatments, chemical peels, Blu-u therapy and the Genesis Laser are recommended for acne. A good, aggressive, regimented at-home skin care regimen is almost just as important as treatment. Antibiotics are sometimes needed to help clear up the skin, depending on the severity of the acne. One thing to note is that not all treatments and treatment protocol is the right plan for everyone. Unfortunately acne can be tricky and it's more of a trial and error approach to see what is right for you.

Issue: Broken Capillaries & Redness
Red in the skin consists of two basic problems, distinct vessels and rosacea. There are four stages of rosacea. This can range from “rosy” cheeks to severe acne forms of rosacea.

  • At-Home Remedy: Topicals can help for mild pinkness to the cheeks. Caffeine containing products will temporarily reduce the redness and for more severe forms of rosacea, topical and oral antibiotics are sometime helpful. 
  • In-Office Treatment: Chemical peels and microdermabrasions are generally not helpful. Laser really are the best treatment for redness in the face. Broken capillaries and vessels respond very well to the “YAG” laser in 1-3 treatments. For diffuse redness there are 2 lasers that help, IPL’s or “Photofacial” and the Laser Genesis. These can be used separately or in combination. For more severe symptoms the combination of the two lasers is best. These lasers are effective, have minimal discomfort and have no down time associated with them.

Issue: Volume Loss & Sagging in the Face
The cause of volume loss and sagging in the face is due to aging and losing fat in the skin. Losing fat causes deeper hollows in the tear troughs, marionette lines and nasal labial lines (near mouth). 

  • At-Home Remedy: N/A
  • In-Office Treatment: A quick fix for this would be filler such as Juvederm or Restalyne. The heavier-duty treatment option would be fat transfer.

Issue: Unwanted Hair
The amount of hair you have is due to genetics - whether it's thin, coarse, curly, etc.

  • At-Home Remedy: Solutions include waxing, shaving or bleaching unwanted hair.
  • In-Office Treatments: Laser hair removal works for more permanent results. According to Dermacare San Diego, you need about 5-7 treatments every 6 weeks.

Contact Information:

Dermacare - Rancho Bernardo
Address: 11770 Bernardo Plaza Court, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: (858) 487-3376

DERMACARE - Carlsbad
Address: 2020 Cassia Rd. Suite 103, Carlsbad, CA 92009
Phone: (760) 448- 8100

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