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The New Year Bucket List for Your Family

Resolve to make this the year where family is your priority. With a little planning, a touch of discipline and a lot of fun, these ideas can bring you closer as a family.

Try some of these ideas to bring your family closer and live in the moment:

o    Eat dinner together at least 3 times a week – This seems to get harder the older the kids get, but it is a great time to have family meetings & discuss the weeks’ activities.

o    No-work weekends – This is sometimes tough but try to carve out at least one, if not two, days on the weekend where you are specifically focused on your family.

o    Play like you’re a kid again – We get too serious as adults and we forget to play, laugh and have fun.  Go the park, play a family game of soccer or dust off your board games.

o    Learn a new skill as a family and/or create a common goal – Take family tennis lessons or cooking classes with your spouse. Sign up to do a 5K as a family.

o    Plan a “surprise” vacation - Don’t let the kids know until the morning you leave. This can be a stay-cation or even a short drive away. 

o    Date night with kids – Create special time with mom/child and dad/child at least once a month.

o    Put down the technology – We can’t truly engage with each other if we are focused on TV, tablets or smart phones. Put them down during designed times and really connect with each other.

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