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The Results Are In: What Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day

We asked you what you really want for Mother's Day and the results are finally in!  You may be surprsied by some of the answers...

1.  Are gifts expected on Mother’s Day and if so, is price important?  

  • 60% of moms said that they did expect a gift
  • 40% said no gift was required
  • 54% said that price was not important
  • 27% responded that homemade gifts were the best

2.  How moms want to spend their day – When asked if they preferred time for themselves, time with their family or a little of both

  • 54% responded that they wanted a little of both
  • 43% said time with their family
  • Only 3% only wanted time for themselves on Mother’s Day

3.  Breakfast in bed or go out to brunch? 

The answers were almost split down the middle with a slight preference to going out. However, if dad and the kids make brunch, don’t leave the dishes for mom to do later!

4.  Who should make the plans for Mother’s Day?
Dads, take note of these answers!

  • 65% want their significant other to make the plans
  • 30% want to have some input in the planning
  • Only 3% want to make the plans themselves – don’t expect mom to plan her own day! 

5.  Is it okay to combine a celebration with your mother and/or mother-in-law? 

  • 70% says it’s okay to combine celebrations

6.  What are the big “no-no’s” to avoid? 

  • Don’t expect mom to plan her own day – she coordinates the family schedule the other 364 days of the year!
  • Don’t leave the cooking and cleaning for mom to do later – it’s her day off.

7.  What do moms REALLY want? 

We had a wide range of answers for this question, but these were the most common answers:

  • Kids not to argue
  • The gift of time – with their family and for themselves
  • A day off from their regular responsibilities – cooking, cleaning, coordinating
  • To be appreciated for all they do every day!!

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