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Tips for Raising Charitable Children

Raising kind, empathetic and charitable children is one of the most important things we can do as parents. has some family-friendly tips to help encourage philanthropy this season. 


1)    Promote awareness with your children - If they are old enough to understand some of last week’s events, try to talk specifically about the positives that came from the situation and how good people helped out in a bad situation. If your children are too young, it’s good to instill early on the importance of sharing and taking care of others and your community.

2)    Be a role model - Volunteer your time as a family so your kids learn firsthand the importance of helping in your community. It’s also a great way to spend time together.

3)    It’s not justabout the money - Many people hear the word “charity” and think, “I don’t have money to donate.” Although our local charities certainly need financial donations, there are many other things you can do that are family-friendly

Kid-Friendly Ideas to Give Back:

1)    Trash Walk - Earth Day was April 22 but that doesn’t mean that we should now forget about our environment. Turn your family walk into a “garbage gathering” excursion and pick up trash as you go. 

2)    Adopt a retirement home - Contact a local retirement community and ask if you can coordinate a group to come brighten their day.  We’ve done this with and gone Christmas caroling. My children’s school choir also visits various homes throughout the school year to perform.

3)    Clean out your room - This one has multiple benefits as you can de-clutter your house and then donate unused items to a local charity or have a garage sale and donate the proceeds.

4)    Coordinate a drive for a charity of your choice - Find out their specific needs i.e. books, pajamas, jackets, canned goods, etc... Rally your school or sports team for support and donations.

5)    Contact a local charity - Find out what kid-friendly volunteer opportunities your local charities may have for children. Ideas include local food banks – Feeding America & San Diego Food Bank, beach cleanups, etc.

6)    Donate allowance & parents match - If your child would like to give money, have them do additional chores around the house and then match their donation.

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