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Water Safety Tips for the Family

Summer is almost here and families and kids want to cool off with a dip in the pool or a trip to the beach. Before you go, it’s essential to have water safety at the top of your list to ensure safe fun for the whole family.

Owner of Floaties Swim School, Karyn Morrill and Super Moms 360 Founder Deborah Stumm discuss the importance of swim lessons and water safety for pools and the beach, including:  

Swimming Pools & Spas

Include layers of safety:

1)    Safer Kids – Teach your kids to swim early (starting at 3 months old) and learn about water safety.

2)    Safer Water –Install layers of protection around your pool including self-latching gates, alarms, and pool safety covers. Make sure you have a compliant drain cover to prevent drain entrapment.

3)    Safer Response –Parents should know CPR, and have up-to-date skills. Contact the American Red Cross for classes and information. Make sure your child knows how to respond to a water emergency and know how to properly throw a life preserver.

4)    Never swim alone- Always swim where a lifeguard or parent is present!

Beach Safety

1)    Check conditions– Always abide by signs and never swim in unsafe conditions.

2)    Buddy System– Never swim alone and ensure that there is a lifeguard on duty in the area where you are swimming.

3)    Know your limitations– Stay in shallow areas unless you are an extremely competent swimmer.

4)    Protect your head & neck– Never dive in head first!

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