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Why Pay for Commercial Invites?

Why Pay for Commercial Invites?

Parties in general, and birthday parties specifically, are supposed to be loads of fun. These are times when great memories are made with family and friends, and when we come together to acknowledge the milestones you have passed to get to that point. Having creative invitations to your events just adds to the fun and to the atmosphere you are trying to create.


·        T-shirts are a great way to let kids know you want them to come and they get to keep the shirt as a favor.

·        The shirts themselves are pretty cheap at the craft stores, especially if you have a great coupon or wait for a sale.

·        Know what you want the shirt to say and then plan out how you are going to put that on there. Will you hire a printer or just use iron-ons? What about fabric paint?

·        When your shirts are designed and ready for delivery, roll them up and tie them with ribbon with a paper medallion that has the party’s information on it and request that your guests wear the shirts to the event.


·        When you deliver these balloons, kids won’t be able to wait until they can pop them to get the invite out! It is interactive and exciting.

·        You will need balloons, your party information printed on small pieces of paper and rolled up tightly, and paper medallions or tags that say: “Pop Me”, “POP!”, or “Pop this Balloon”, and curling ribbon.

·        Take your supplies to a place that fills balloons with helium. Some may not allow you to bring the balloons or the ribbon in, you may have to buy theirs. *Ask them not to put Hi-Float in yours, this is a gel that most places squirt inside the balloon before filling and gives longer life to the helium. This will only ruin your invite.* Have the supplier insert your paper rolls before they fill the balloons and tie the ribbons with your tags.

Candy Bars

·        These are pretty easy to do with your printer, paper, and candy bars without the labels on them. (Yes, it needs to be something double wrapped like a Hershey Bar.) has templates!

·        You can do the Willy Wonka thing and place special tickets inside the second wrapping or just print out the party information with your computer on plain or decorated paper to make a new label.

·        Cut out your labels using the original top label as a pattern

·        Wrap the party ones around the candy bar and secure with a glue stick to minimize wrinkling (or use tape).

Other Great Ideas

There are so many ways to have fun with invites. Sending a message in a bottle (think about a real baby bottle for a first birthday), wanted posters, pom-pom caterpillars in glass jars (party info is on a leaf), cards with a peel and stick mustache to wear at the party, or paper fishbowls wrapped in cellophane with Swedish fish swimming around (party info is printed on the bowl). Unique invites make it harder to forget when your party is, or who is throwing it!

Jenny Franklin loves planning children’s parties and making kids' dreams come true. When she's not planning parties, she does some blogging and writes for the girls' birthday party supplier

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