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Cheesy Monsters

These little calcium-packed monsters are so much fun to eat,  your kids won't even realize you tricked them into eating a healthy treat!

What You'll Need:

  • 12 Mini Babybel cheeses (regular or light)
  • 24 Small candy eyes (we used Wilton candy eyes that can be found in th baking section)
  • Cream cheese (a small amount to secure the eyes)
  • Toothpick or exacto knife

Simple Instructions:

Remove the outer plastic wrap from each cheese but keep the red wax in tact. Find the pull tab on the wax and pull to create a "mouth" strip on one side of each piece of cheese . Using a toothpick (safer) or exacto knife (only with adult supervision), cut out small triangles for teeth.  Make each one different so they  have their own personality. Attach two candy eyes to the wax above the mouth on each piece of cheese to complete.  Have fun combining different sized eyes and varying placements. The crazier the better!

Makes 12

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