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Cotton Ball Snowman

The weather outside might be frightful but not for this little snowman. A fun winter holiday craft perfect for all ages!


  • Jumbo-sized cotton balls
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Sequins for eyes, nose, mouth & buttons
  • Black construction paper for top hat
  • 2 black or brown pipe cleaners
  • glue

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Simple Instructions:

Poke 1 pipe cleaner through the toilet paper roll, creating the snowmen's arms. Using the other pipe cleaner, cut two 1-inch pieces and twist around the end of the other pipe cleaner, creating the snoman's fingers.

For the snoman's face, take one cotton ball and glue on sequins for the eyes, nose & mouth. Cut out a top hat using the black construction paper and glue to the top of the snoman's head. Set aside to dry.

To make the snoman's body, glue the cotton balls onto the toilet paper roll. For the buttons, glue three sequins on the midseciton of the snowman's body. Finally, glue the snowman's head to the top of the body.

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