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Impromptu Summer Soirees in a Snap!

If you’re like my family, summertime is filled with spontaneous backyard barbecues and get-together’s at the neighborhood pool. No need to spend a lot of time or money preparing. We have simple summertime party treats and super easy décor for your next soiree.

Simple Sweets & Treats

Ice Cream Cookie Cones – Decorate peanut butter to look like mini ice cream cones. View Recipe

Tropical Fruit Tower – Layer fresh fruit of the season with a touch of whipped cream and a beach umbrella.  View Recipe

Hot Diggety Dog Brownies – Inspired by backyard barbecues, these brownies are a “grill-tastic” treat. View Recipe

Sand Bucket Snack Buffet – Fill plastic sand buckets with sweet & salty snacks & summer themed treats. View Recipe

Bite-Sized Banana Splits – Bite-sized versions of delicious banana splits on a stick. View Recipe

Festive Décor

Kiddie Pool “Cooler” – Fill a kid-sized inflatable pool with ice and stock with sodas, juice boxes and waters.

DIY Décor – Decorate with items you already have around the house like beach balls, pool floats, kickboards and pool noodles.

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