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Just Add Water for Summertime Fun!

During the hot summer months, moms are looking fun activities to keep their kids cool and busy! It can be as easy as just adding water and a little creativity to have some fun in the sun.

Super Soakin' Craft Ideas:

Super Sponge Soakers
This idea doubles as a simple, kid-friendly craft and turns into a water game to get the kids soaked.  Start by cutting up 3 inexpensive household sponges into strips and then securing with ribbon to make these cute water bombs.  After they are done, you can soak in water and incorporate them into your outdoor water games.

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands
These easy-to-make bubble wands are great for outdoor fun. Simply take pipe cleaners and twist into a wand and dip into bubble mix.  If you don’t have pre-made bubble mix.  Use water and dishwashing soap.

Wet 'n Wild Water Games:

Tube Toss - You can play this game with or without a pool.  Use a simple doughnut shaped pool float and then use water bombs or water balloons.  Take turns tossing them and see who can get the most into the center of the circle.

Sponge Bath - This traditional relay is always a hit with the kids and is sure to get them wet!!  Each team has two buckets:  one filled with water and one empty.  Using a sponge, the team that transfers all of the water from one bucket to the other first, wins.

Squirt Tag - A wetter version of the traditional game of tag.  Each participant has a spray bottle or squirt gun as you chase each other around the yard. The last kid to get squirted, wins!

Beach Ball Volley Ball - In or out of the pool, use a pool noodle as your “net” and hit the beach ball back and forth. Don’t let it touch the ground!

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