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Mini-Mosaic Personal Pumpkins

These personal pumpkins will give each child an opportunity to give thanks for all they love in their life. Let them cut out pictures and sayings from magazines that express their personality.


  • Mini pumpkins (we recommend using smooth surfaced mini pumpkins)
  • Decoupage glue
  • Old magazines



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Simple Instructions

Use a damp paper towel or dish cloth to lightly clean off your pumpkin to remove any dirt. Pat completely dry.

Cut out pictures, quotes, images, and anything else that you want included in your mosaic. Use the decoupage glue to individually adhere each magazine clipping. Feel free to overlap pictures and sayings. Cover the entire surface of the pumpkin with a coat of the glue.

Allow to dry completely and display your mini-mosaic personal pumpkin for others to admire.

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