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Perky Angel

Top your tree this year with a Christmas craft customized with your child's picture. This holiday craft is so simple and fun to make!


  • 2 coffee filters
  • 1 gold or silver pipe cleaner
  • 1 yellow puff ball (Or a cut-out picture of your child's face - about 1-inch in diameter)
  • glue
  • markers
  • water

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Simple Instructions:

1. For the angel's body, color the one of the coffee filters with marker. Drizzle a couple drops of water on the filter to create a 'tie-dye' illusion. Be careful -- if you color the entire filter with marker, it tends to get a bit messy once water is applied. Set on a paper towel to dry.

2. For the halo, cut a 5-inch piece off the pipe cleaner and then twist the top part into a halo, leaving about 2-inches untwisted. Set aside.

3. For the wings, squeeze together the uncolored coffee filter. Take the halo and twist the straight part around the middle of the coffee filter.

5. For the head, glue a puff ball (or picture of your child's face -- see inset) onto the center of the wings. Set aside to dry.

4. Once the angel's body is dry, you'll want to create the arms. Simply fold the coffee filter in half. Go about 1-inch down from the top on both sides and cut a slit. Fold the pieces in toward the middle of the coffee filter, putting one 'arm' on top of the other 'arm. Once the arms are folded, glue one arm on top of the other arm.

6. Finally, once the wings are dry, carefully glue them onto the top of the body.

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