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St. Patrick's Day Games, Decor, & More

Get the kiddos involved in St. Patrick's Day this year with these fun & simple ideas for games, decor, and more!

Wishing Well Penny Toss - Tape off two sets of four lines at one end of your play area and place two buckets at the other end. Divide the kids into two teams and have each toss their pennies into the bucket, gradually getting farther away with each line. The team with the most pennies in their bucket at the end wins!

Leprechaun Lava Lamp - Fill a recycled water bottle with ¾ cup water and the rest of the way with vegetable oil. Add about 10 drops of green food coloring.  Add ½ of an Alka Seltzer tablet and watch the lava lamp appear. Originally the oil sits on top of the water because it is less dense. When the tablet is added, it creates gas and the gas bubbles rise taking the colored water with them. The kids will love this goopy, green science experiment!

"Lucky Me" Crayon Holders & Tablecloth - Cover your party table with butcher paper and have the kids draw pictures & write about things they are “lucky” to have. Click here for instructions on how to make the leprechaun hat crayon holders.

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