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Tiny Trees

Your kids will love making these tiny little trees that can be turned into ornaments or used as gift tags for your Christmas gifts.

What You'll Need:

  • 12 Paper cupcake liners in a variety of holiday patterns and colors
  • Star stickers
  • Craft glue

Simple Instructions:

Each tree will use 3 cupcake liners. Fold the first liner in half for the bottom part of the tree and place craft glue on the inside to secure. For the second layer, fold the cupcake liner in half and then fold back an additional small portion to make it slightly smaller than the bottom layer. Glue on top of the bottom layer so about 1/3 of the middle cupcake liner overlaps. For the top part of the tree, fold the third liner in half and then in half again. Place glue in between the layers to secure. Glue on top of the second layer so it is overlapping a bit. Add a star sticker or sequin on top.

Have fun using a variety of colors and patterns!

Makes 4 trees.

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