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A Bag of Goldfish Crackers and Three Spoonfuls of Frosting

I just finished eating a whole bag of Goldfish Crackers (well almost) and three spoonfuls of cream cheese frosting. Don’t judge me. I’m having a stressful week. I woke up at 5:30 AM to head off to spin class and before I went, downed two cups of coffee. Later in the day I drank cups three and four. I’m tired…don’t judge me. Made some business calls. Not getting anywhere today. My favorite greeting from a longtime client? Me: “Hi George, its Deborah” Him: “Oh, God.” Perfect.

TGIF! Time to switch from coffee to margaritas. Do I have issues?? Ready to take on the weekend…run, baseball game, laundry, lacrosse game, more laundry, margaritas, more margaritas, sleep (just a little), spin, soccer practice, play dates, birthday parties and…wine.

Being a mom is a piece of cake…or maybe more like three spoonfuls of frosting. Wink.

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