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Bullying, Biting, & Bad Behavior on the Soccer Field

I get it. We all want to win. Whether it’s closing a big deal at the office or beating the kids at Monopoly (sad but true), there’s such a rush from victory, we all seem to be addicted. That being said, I am truly horrified at the tactics some people teach kids when it comes to winning.

Let me first say, I am about as competitive as they get. I love success and accomplishing things people say can’t be done. However, teaching your children to cheat, lie, and bully other kids for a win is justsimplyunacceptable

To the 10 year old soccer player who BIT my son’s teammate during the game this weekend – shame on you and shame on your parents and coach for encouraging such behavior. You may not have gotten caught this time, but karma is a bitch.

Play rough, play tough, and play to win. But have some class. Spend time working on your skills instead of using caveman tactics to intimidate your way to victory. And yes…I blame the adults in this situation more than the child. As adults, it’s our responsibility to teach our kids to work hard for the things they want; when things don’t go their way, to hold their heads high and work even harder next time. And when success comes calling, accept it with humility and grace.

Parents, please…be role models and set good examples. Winning IS amazing…but bad behavior and bullying has no place on the sports field or at school. In fact, when you use shameless tactics to pull off a “victory,” the only loser is…you.

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