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Family Fun Night

I was tucking my ten year old daughter into bed the other night and she looked at me with sad eyes and said, "Mom, I am so stressed out.  Can we please just have some freetime this weekend?"  I had been feeling the exact same way, but sometimes, as moms, we feel the need to keep going...keep pushing.  Relaxation is for wimps, right?

These days, everyone's calendars are so overbooked with work, school and other commitments that we often forget to allow for some downtime in ou family schedules.  I decided to jot down some ideas for a stay-at-home, family fun night that would allow for some togetherness and much needed "chill out" time.

  • Spa Party - Treat the whole family to a little papmering.  Fill the tub with tons of bubbles for a special treat and then put on cozy pajamas and robes.  Set up stations to give each other foot rubs, manicures, pedicures and more.  Seriously, what mom wouldn't love getting a foot rub from their kids?

  • Game Night - No...not the video game type.  Dust off your old board games or pick up a few new ones at the store.  Gather around the table and remember how much fun it is to laugh, strategize and spend time together without technology.

  • Cooking Competition - Put together a friendly family rivalry and explore some kitchen creativity.  Have each family member make their own personal pizzas or let the kids do the cooking and the parents can judge their masterpieces.

  • Movie Marathon & Pajama Party - Put on you PJs, get the popcorn popping, grab your pillows and blankets and get ready for a marathon of movies.  Pick films the whole family will enjoy and give yourself permission to relax.

  • Family Olympics - Head to a local park or your own backyard while there is still daylight and play pickup games of soccer, basketball and flag football.  Enjoy the fresh air and exercise and remember what it's like to spend time together as a family.

  • Sibling Sleepover - For a special treat, let your kids have a sleepover together in one of their bedrooms.  They won't stay young for long, so it's a great way to promote brotherly and sisterly bonding.

Need an added bonus?  These ideas will cost you next to nothing and you may actually get your kids to admit you're actually not as uncool as they originally thought.  Well...a mom can dream, right?

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