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From Margaritas to Mac 'n Cheese Mom - Great Gift Idea!

Founder of, Deborah Stumm, has published her book, From Margaritas to Mac 'n Cheese Mom -- a great gift for all the moms in your life!

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Book Synposis: The journey from singlehood to super mom is one that rocks women to the core. How did I find myself here? When will I get out of my mommy rut? Can I be a great mom and still fulfill my own dreams? From Margaritas to Mac 'n Cheese Mom is a lighthearted, quick-read that will lift your spirits and bring clarity to the awesomeness that is you! You'll want to share this book with your girlfriends and other moms in the trenches who are ready to find the magical balance we all crave.

About the author: "Yes, you can have it all!" says Deborah Stumm. "That is, if you define 'all' as the things that are most important in your life." For Deborah, that includes family, friends, fitness, and growing her trifecta of businesses that include locally focused resources for event planners, brides, and moms. As a frequent guest in the media, including The TODAY Show, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW, Deborah has been named the "family expert" with a wealth of knowledge and tips for moms, kids and families.

To buy the book, click here.

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