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Honestly…Do Kids Need To Be So Honest?

I don’t think that I’m alone in having kids that tell me exactly what they are thinking. No sugar-coating. No sparing anyone’s feelings…just the brutal, honest truth. 

Not too long ago when I was in the middle of a rigorous work out, my daughter said, “Hey Mom, your butt kind of jiggles like JELL-O.”

I’m glad to hear that my daily exercise routine is paying off.

My son, who is usually the sweet and sensitive one, looked at me a few weeks back and quizzically inquired, “Why is your hair black where it is coming out of your head and the rest is blonde?”

I swear that I was a natural blond when I was young (okay, when I was 6), and now I have to visit the hair salon a little more frequently to maintain that sun-kissed look.

One of my funniest honesty moments happened just last week when I was casually looking at my daughter’s page on her 4th-grade class’ website. They had to write a little bio about themselves so I thought it would be fun to give it a quick read. After the obligatory family description about her mom, dad, brother, two dogs and cherished guinea pig, she started to explain what her parents did for a living. She started with me and explained that I was an entrepreneur (check) and I ran a website called (check, check) and it was AWESOME! Now we’re getting somewhere. After that she wrote (and I quote), “To be honest, I really have no idea what my Dad does for work.”

And there it was ... I must admit that sometimes I share the same feeling. When people ask what he does I say, “Well, he’s in the high-tech industry doing product marketing for a start-up company."

I’m not really sure what that means but it sounds pretty good to me.

Well, now that I’ve exercised my fingers a bit, I think I’ll go hop on the treadmill and work on my less-than-perfect rear end.

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