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How Did I Get Here? - April 9, 2012

It’s hard to remember what it was like to be single. Before my husband, before my kids. What did I do with all of my time? I’ve realized over the past few years that the journey from single-hood to super mom is one that rocks women to the core. I hear questions from other moms on a regular basis like - - How did I find myself here? When will I get out of my mommy rut? Can I be a great mom and still fulfill my own dreams?

These concerns that I’ve had myself and heard from friends and co-workers alike got me thinking … This journey is a common thread that we moms share and one that I wanted to explore in more detail. I decided to start jotting down my thoughts, fears and successes during my own process and somehow, they evolved into a book.  

From Margaritas to Mac ‘n Cheese Mom is a lighthearted, quick-read that is intended to lift your spirits and bring clarity to the awesomeness that is…you! For more information click here.

I hope you’ll find it to be a book you want to share with your girlfriends and other moms in the trenches that are ready to find the magical balance we all crave.

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