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I Lost My Sparkle But I'm Ready to Shine Again

Not that long ago I thought I was special. Talented, creative and ready to take on the world. Not much could stand in my way. No door I couldn’t blow down, no objection I couldn’t turn around. I was on fire…unstoppable. I’d traveled the world, run sales forces, started companies, and even found myself fulfilling my ultimate bucket list item, being featured on The Today Show.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened. When my confidence starting slipping…the self doubt started creeping in. Somehow…I lost my sparkle.

Was this it? Had I done everything important I would ever do in my career? I no longer felt fulfilled in my work, my kids were getting older, more independent, and suddenly I felt…lost.

They say that a woman’s most important job in life is raising her children. As with most moms, I’ve gladly sacrificed my own wants and needs to be present for soccer games, carpool, school functions, and music lessons. And I would do it all again in a hot second to raise happy and well adjusted kids.

In the not too distant future though, they will be headed off to college to pursue their own dreams. Is it wrong for me to still want to follow mine?

In my mid-forties I still yearn to grab the next brass ring. But am I still relevant? Will people want me, need me, or be interested in what I have to offer? The feeling is truly terrifying.

After wallowing in my extended “pity party” for way too long, I’ve decided that it’s time for a major shift. It’s time to take charge of my own happiness. To push outside my comfort zone and find my next big thing. To embrace the word we fear the most…CHANGE.

Instead of timidly entering this new stage in life I plan to sprint and leap into the potential that the future may bring. I will surround myself with positive people, mentors and those who lift me up. I will do my best to silence the doubtful chatter in my head and embrace the “what ifs” in my journey. I will realize that this too is just another stage in life, a new chapter. Exciting adventures are in store. I am ready to sparkle again… Are you?

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