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Looking for a Compliment - July 16, 2012

I’m not sure exactly when it started… It might have been when I turned the big 4-0.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ll officially be celebrating 10 years in suburbia later this year. Maybe it’s just a mom thing.

All I know is that I’ve been searching for a compliment to help me feel….pretty, desirable, attractive.  You know, like I’ve still got “it”.

I started my quest with my husband.  I said, “Honey, do you like my new dress?”

His response was, “It’s nice…it’s very blue.”

Hmmm… Not exactly what I was looking for.  My next stop was my new iPhone that has the Siri feature. 

I said, “Siri, tell me that I’m beautiful.” 

She responded, “I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are.”


A few days later, I was at an appointment downtown and as I was walking back to the car, a toothless homeless man said, “Excuse me pretty lady…but you are HOT!” 

Now that’s what I’m talking about…now we’re getting somewhere!

The next week, I was minding my own business at the grocery store when I realized that the produce guy was checking me out. At first I thought I had something I needed to wipe off my face, but I realized that he was actually flirting with me. Can I hear a “Woohoo!”

It may no longer be a mysterious man in the nightclub or a sandy surfer at the beach who is giving me “tone” but I’ve come to realize that we all need to feel wanted and desired. And to all the awesome, gorgeous, smart and hard working moms out there…WORK IT GIRLS!!!

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