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Realistic Resolutions

It may be that I’ve been drinking a bit too much holiday cheer…but I’ve decided to forgo traditional resolutions that involve self-improvement.  Instead, I am going to embrace my imperfections and find some much needed self-acceptance. 

1. Eating Goldfish crackers for lunch at least twice a week is an acceptable form of nutrition.  I’m pretty sure that I am covering multiple food groups anyways - -  Cheddar (dairy), Goldfish (protein), Crackers (whole grains).  Not so bad after all.

2. Having chipped fingernail and toenail polish makes me more approachable and “real."

3. When my pants start fitting a little more loosely, I realize that I’m not getting skinnier…my butt is just sliding down the back of my legs. Hey, whatever works!

4. Instead of begrudging my overdue dark roots, I’ll pretend that I am a Kardashian or Nicki Minaj and the look is “trendy."

5. A glass of pinot noir each night is medicinal and required for mommy mental health.

6. I acknowledge that my children are smarter than I am and admit I am not able to help with my daughter’s 5th grade math homework.

7. My hips that have birthed children make me curvy and voluptuous.

8. Constantly running 5 minutes late is a sign that I am busy and important, right?

9. Wrinkles are a badge of honor that signifies wisdom and respect. Seriously…who am I kidding? 

Of course…I’m certainly not claiming perfection. I’m about as far away as it gets.  But for now, I’m just fine being perfectly imperfect!

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