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Saving Lives or Just Saving Sanity? - May 14, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if my career of choice is making enough of an impact on the world. The other day after spin class, my fitness instructor told us that as her husband walked out the door to go to work he said, “I’m off to save lives!”

Her husband happens to be an air traffic controller so his statement was definitely true. My instructor did some research and found that more people die from obesity than from plane crashes so she proclaimed that she was also saving lives - - another valid statement. 

As I thought about things, I decided that our website may not be saving lives, but it is certainly saving the sanity of a lot of moms! We are all given gifts - - things that we are good at that we can share with others. As long as we do our best to make an impact in our area of expertise, we are making our communities and families better.  And the toughest, most important job of all… being a mother. Talk about making an impact - - knowing that our guidance, love and support are helping to create future teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs and parents.

So embrace your individuality, acknowledge your importance in the world and take on each day with a bang!

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