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Supermom is NOT a Swear Word

It seems to be a trend these days to bad mouth “supermoms”. I get it. For many women, being a supermom brings up images of  an unachievable ideal. Trying to live up to perfection – looking perfect, acting perfect, perfect kids, perfect home, perfect get the picture. But guess what?

I am a supermom. Yep, I said it. 


And I bet you are, too.

It’s time we let go of the pressure and guilt and finally give ourselves credit for everything we do well on a daily basis. Because guess what ladies? It’s the little things that make us… super. Life’s smallest and seemingly most insignificant moments that create our strength and make our parenting matter.

  • Being so tired you can hardly speak after a long day, but tucking each of your kids into bed anyways – You are a Supermom
  •  Forgetting to go to the grocery store but miraculously whipping up dinner at the speed of light with the few straggling items you find in your pantry – Short Order Chef Supermom
  • Giving your son or daughter a reassuring hug on the way out the door to school – You guessed it… Supermom
  • Secretly Googling the answers to your 5th grader’s math homework because you have no idea how to do it – Scholastic Supermom
  • Sitting on the sidelines of the soccer field (or football…or baseball…) all weekend and screaming Go...Go…GO! at the top of your lungs –Super Spirited Supermom
  • Wiping your child’s tears when they don’t win the election, make the sports team or get the grade they wanted on a test  – Sensitive Supermom
  • Teaching them it’s okay to be sad, but to hold their head high and keep fighting for what they want – Strong-Willed Supermom
  • Getting up before dawn to squeeze in a quick workout and start your day on the right foot – Supercharged Supermom
  • Driving (no…speeding!) from one after-school activity to another and arriving late to all of them – Sort-of a Supermom.  Hey, they got there didn’t they?
  • Saying to your emotional tween daughter, “I’m here if you need me” – Giving Space Supermom
  • Putting down your iPhone and being present for your family – No-Phone Zone Supermom
  • Staying in your PJs on a rainy day and watching a movie marathon with your kids - Snuggly Supermom
  • Realizing that every birthday party doesn’t need to outdo the last, just let the kids be kids – Simple Celebrations Supermom
  • Serving as the CEO, chef, psychologist, cleaning lady, teacher, warden and peacekeeper in your household each and every day  – Multi-Tasking Supermom
  • Coming to terms with the fact that perfectly imperfect parenting is perfection in and of itself – the Ultimate Supermom Superpower!

Supermom is NOT a swear word. It’s our daily reality and ultimately a compliment for all that we accomplish on any given day. So go out, show off your cape and own your title. No apologies accepted or allowed.  And know that you will always be a superhero in the eyes of your children.

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