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The Birthday Blog - July 2, 2012

Today is my birthday. Last night I was a little melancholy and I was trying to figure out why. Maybe it’s because this year has gone by SO fast that I can’t even fathom that I am another year older. Maybe it’s because I realize that as my kids get older and more independent, they don’t need me in the ways that they used to. Maybe I’m just pausing to ponder if I’ve accomplished everything I’d set out to do by this stage in my life. Hmmmmm…

Rather than spend my time worrying about things that I cannot change, I thought that I’d try to brainstorm some of the positive things about getting older. 

1) I’m not for everyone…and that’s okay!  The more years that pass, the more I accept myself, flaws and all. I realize that it’s okay to be me.

2) I don’t have to “play the field” anymore. I am able to live vicariously through my younger employees as they go on dates, stay out ‘til the wee hours of the night and wait for text messages from new suitors. I am perfectly fine being in my PJs by 8!

3) When I’m working out and complain about aches and pains, people actually believe me… because I’m old! (well….at least a little bit old!)

4) I’ve lived long enough to have learned a few things and can share my knowledge with others.

5) I’ve lived long enough to know when to keep my opinions to myself.

6) With age comes the ability to look back at all we’ve accomplished. And if we try hard enough…we’ll realize that we’ve accomplished a lot!

Happy birthday to all of the other July babies out there and celebrate your individuality and accomplishments!

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