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The Easter Bunny Brought Me a Baby

No...not this year.  That ship has definitely sailed for me.  But 11 years ago, the last time Easter was on April 20, the Easter Bunny (not the stork, as I was always told) brought me my beautiful baby girl.  That's one way to get out of cooking Easter brunch!

Since she was born, life has changed in magnificent, terrifying, hysterical and emotional ways I could never have imagined.  Life is no longer a selfish endeavor in which you can solely focus on your own hopes and dreams.  Priorities change.  Dance recitals and soccer practices take precedence over weekend getaways and lazy Saturday mornings.  Mac 'n cheese from the box becomes a meal staple over trendy tapas and cocktails.  The latest heels from Nordstrom get over-looked with a sigh as you head to Target to buy the sixth pair of tennis shoes this year because your kids have either outgrown them or their toes are sticking out the front.

But you know what?  I wouldn't do it any differently.  Sure, I'd like to go shopping for myself sometimes, sleep in a bit more often (okay, even just once!) and actually sit down, uninterrupted, to read a good book.  But even when I feel like I am falling apart at the seams, telling myself that I am not good enough, or I need to do better, I pause and look at my children...

They talk to me and share their dreams and fears.  They ask for advice and I do the best I can to guide them while letting them find their own path.  My daughter tells me that she wants to be just like me.  I tell her I want her to be herself because she is exactly who she should be.  My third grade son is starting to ask for advice about girls because he says he is "not very good at relationships..."  I give him a few tidbits to help him along with his new crush.  This is the good stuff and I find it hard to imagine my life before these little "some-bunnies" came into it.

When the Easter Bunny brought me my first baby 11 years ago, I didn't realize all the surprises that would come along with her.  I suppose you could say that life is like an Easter basket...every day you get to open a new plastic egg and see what's inside.  

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