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The Grass is Always Greener Or Is It?

There never seem to be enough hours in the day, but somehow I still find time to daydream about people who appear to have “perfect” lives. It’s not really a jealousy thing, just more of a wistful, “What if….” 

Last night after my spin class one of my fellow exercise addicts asked me the obligatory question, “How are you?” 

I responded, “Great!” but the little voice in my head said, “I am really, REALLY tired!!”

 These are the times I especially think about all of the folks out there who have it made.  Lifestyles with personal assistants, private chefs, drivers, fashion stylists, hair & makeup people… I could go on and on. 

To make myself feel a little better, I decided to make a list of why these folks may not have it quite as good we think.

  • Super Models – I mean really, would you want to do a photo shoot in Antarctica in a bikini for hours on end?  I swear…I saw this on TV.
  • Movie Stars – Someone told me that it costs approximately $1 million to get them ready for an award show. I have no idea if this is a true statement and of course, most of the items are borrowed, but I would imagine that there are a lot of needles, cleanses, starvation diets and days of preparation to get them looking so good.
  • Reality TV Stars – Having the paparazzi follow you constantly would not be my cup of tea. I seriously thought about this the other morning while I was walking my dogs with no make-up, in my pajama pants & old pink hoodie with a hole in the sleeve.  I did, of course, complement the ensemble with my dark sunglasses just in case there was a photographer around the corner.
  • Morning News Anchor – To be real...this is still a fantasy job of mine but when I found out that they have to get up at 2 a.m., it brought the idea of being tired to a whole new level.
  • Wine Buyer - Traveling the world, tasting wine…okay this one I think is the real deal!

Our cultures’ fascination with celebrity, fame and fortune is one that won’t likely go away anytime soon.  And I must admit that watching the rich and famous in the media makes me often yearn for the luxuries they seem to have. 

As much as I wish for some of these perks on any given day, I have discovered that time with family, meaningful relationships and living a purposeful life are the things that really matter. And seriously, I’ll take a pancake date with my son at IHOP any day over a cayenne-pepper cleanse!

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