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The Power of 10

My daughter hit a milestone birthday this week. The magical rite of passage and somehow slightly scary number that contains double digits -- 10. All the while, I’ve been experiencing mixed emotions that I’ve been trying to reconcile. Pride for the spirited, smart and sassy girl she has become. Worry for all the changes that lie ahead as she develops into a young woman. And self-doubt, that I as her mother will be able to give her guidance to find her own way, yet still have firm enough convictions to help her avoid the pitfalls I experienced as a young woman.

The number “10” has always had strong significance in our society. Ten years is a decade – a period of time when we make many mistakes and try to start forgiving ourselves for making them. A “perfect 10” demonstrates excellence, whether it be the way we look, a score on a survey or an Olympic gold medal. We learn to count to 10 as toddlers using our fingers -- also 10. I’ve learned that when I say “I’ll be done in 10 minutes,” it usually means an hour and that 10 cents (or $10 for that matter) doesn’t really buy much anymore.

As I reflect on the last 10 years with my daughter, I am in awe of how fast the time has flown. I am saddened that those early years are now just a memory but so excited to see where the world will take her - - or more likely, where she will take the world. To my beautiful daughter Morgan, may the next 10 years be your canvas, your classroom and your uncharted adventure.  You will always be a perfect “10” to me.

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